ABS Service


If your car is damaged, you want to be helped quickly and professionally. At ABS we do all we can to minimize your inconvenience.

That’s exactly why we provide replacement vehicles; to keep you mobile and able to do everything you’d normally do, while we repair your car reliably, professionally and quickly. And, we take care of the paperwork with your lease or insurance company. This is why our service is extraordinary and fast at the same time!


De ABS Service summed up:


ABS 24/7:
You can report any damage 7 days a week, by day and by night

Replacement vehicle:
A representative replacement vehicle is at your disposal while your car is being repaired and you can opt for one of our sustainable, electric replacement vehicles.

Borrow a bicycle:
Do you work near home? If so, we’re more than happy to lend you a sporty bicycle as your replacement vehicle!

Collect & Bring Service:
We collect your car from wherever you are and once the repair is completed, we bring your car back to you.

ABS intake meeting:
We tell you how we intend to repair the damage and when your car will be ready. 

ABS minor damage:
Find out about our fast, smart and economical solutions for minor damages to the body, paintwork, windows, dashboard or interior of your vehicle. We’re more than happy to restore your car to perfection.

Online damage report

Report any damage easily and quickly by 
filling out our online damage form.